Chigüiro Explores the Block

I’m taking an online photo class with Anna Yarrow called the Unveiled Eye. This is the first thing I’ve done for myself — my own creativity not for the household, aside from Zumba class, in . . . oh, I can’t even remember. It’s not easy to set aside time for it, but it’s really worth while. Necessary. Writing is part of the class, too. Getting feedback on my photos, both technical and emotional reactions, is so sweet!

Here is the first series I did, just following little D, the small Chigüiro, as he explored on our usual daily walk around the block here in Bernal.


This is D. I followed him on his adventures around the block because that is what I do every day. I take pictures madly in a moment when he seems unlikely to get into serious trouble. I am always half dizzy trying to keep up with him, watch for obstacles and danger, and still notice the beauty all around us. The streets and houses are a little dingy and gray with soot but the morning light puts a little halo of comfort around everything.IMG_6006IMG_6026 IMG_6089 IMG_6090

He works on the door, his latest favorite project, until I help him open it. Inside, our little patio is starting to show some green. My efforts in this first spring and summer that I have emerged blinking from postpartum. Finally with some creative feelings inside ready to burst out and slowly open tentative wings.

IMG_6109 IMG_6168 IMG_6166IMG_6119 IMG_6142


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