“Abby is one-of-a-kind: warm and nurturing, passionate about Spanish language and culture, and a gifted storyteller, dancer, and musician. Her stories and songs delight our children and spark their enthusiasm and creativity. She has an intuitive understanding about how to connect with a child’s sense of wonder. She is a gem!”

—Erika, mother of 4-year-old and 6-year-old

“Abby’s songs and puppet shows are always a special treat for our family.  By sharing familiar and easily recognizable concepts in Spanish through beautiful songs and imaginative puppet shows, children and parents participate in an experience that strengthens bonds—of children to parents, of children to their peers and of children to language. Abby creates an atmosphere that is inviting, inclusive and loving.”

—Mother of 5-year-old

“I met Abby in a Samba class 10 years ago when she was a member of the group Aquarela. Watching her dance, she has a deep passion and respect for Samba culture. She teaches children and adults the complexities of Samba by providing a nurturing and educational atmosphere where students can explore the rhythms while gaining cultural awareness.

My daughter attended Abby’s Spanish music group as a toddler. Abby supported my child’s love for music and the Spanish language. She kept the children engaged through storytelling, exposing the children to a variety of Spanish songs and instruments. My daughter enjoyed attending because of Abby’s positive and welcoming energy.”

—Kim, mother of 6-year-old

“My son Francisco loves Abby’s song and puppet shows!  He hums the songs to himself while he plays and asks me to sing them with him.  The songs are repetitive and incorporate gestures and movement that make them easy to learn.  The puppet shows are simple, beautiful and engaging to young children.  Being part of the circle that Abby creates is completely magical.  I love the experience as much as my son does!”

—Roberta, mother of 5-year-old

“Abby is a beautiful storyteller. Her approach is gentle and thoughtful. She tells lovely stories in Spanish with simple plots and plenty of rhythm, alliteration and rhyming that even minimal Spanish speakers can follow. The puppets are also often hand made! She is a treasure to  behold.”

—Samantha, mother of 3-year-old and 5-year-old