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Sleeping, Attachment Parenting, and Baby Biology

Child Development, Child Psychology, and Waldorf Education

Holistic Stages of Labor and Hormones during Childbirth

Tantrums, Emotional Intelligence, and The Whole-Brain Child

Online Articles on Waldorf Education and Rudolf Steiner

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Parent-Child Classes in SF and around the Bay

My Lists of classes and resources

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My top five resources for families with new babies (mostly in San Francisco):

  1. Yeshi’s New Mother’s Circle — facilitated peer support. You and your baby will make friends for life. (And there’s more at Natural Resources.)
  2. The Milk Years — Tracy Massillon, IBCLC is a breastfeeding expert and gives consultations, classes, and web resources.
  3. Mothering the New Mother by Sally Placksin — a book of women’s voices on the postpartum experience: “You don’t have to be alone.”
  4. Yoga with Jane Austin — Jane’s postpartum yoga classes help with emotional and physical recovery, once you reach 6 weeks or so.
  5. Mama’s Resource Network — go-to site for SF practitioners for all your mother, baby, and family needs: acupuncture, doulas, mental health, and more.

My post about the resources I used in preparing for my second birth and postpartum, knowing what I know now!

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Websites for new families

Ask Dr. Sears

La Leche League

Postpartum Support International

The Wonder of Childhood

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Find doulas around the Bay

San Francisco Doula Group

Doulas of the East Bay

Blossom Birth (Peninsula and South Bay)

Marin Birthing and Parenting (North Bay)