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Jungle Magic — La Magia de la Selva

Jungle Magic — La Magia de la Selva

Once upon a time . . . I was 22 and looking for adventure. As a girl I had always dreamed of the Amazon rain forest. After college, I found an American agricultural economist working in the Peruvian Amazon who was willing to take me on as an intern; all I had to do was get … Continue reading

Asking for Help: Me This Time

I’ve written before about asking for help: how hard it can be for a new mom to feel confident rather than inadequate when she asks; how hard it can be to ask friends and family while fearing rejection. I’ve encouraged women to seek support from postpartum doulas to ease this. In response, women have wished … Continue reading

Book List: Child development and Waldorf education

This list of recommended books comes from Allison Carroll, our wonderful teacher when she was director of the Parent-Child Program at San Francisco Waldorf School. She is now a nursery teacher there. Some are about child development or child psychology and others specifically relate to Waldorf education. The first one, The Emotional Life of the … Continue reading