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Spring Shows Up

Spring Shows Up

Spring is here. I am happy and proud about my tiny garden, I think for the first time ever, even though my profession and passion in life pre-kids was gardening. (Before I launch into my ramblings, if you are a beginner family-home gardener, HERE are some resources for you!) Like every aspect of this mothering gig, … Continue reading

Tantrum-Free Summer: Week 1 Bread Day

As I mentioned before, during the school year my daughter had many intense tantrums. I wondered why . . . New baby? Postpartum cranky mom? Just normal for her age? But a new answer is coming clear that trumps all the rest. Overstimulation. The social setting can easily overstimulate my daughter to the point of distress, … Continue reading

Separation Toddler-style

“Letting go” has been a recent refrain for me. Preparing for the surrender of giving birth. Letting my older daughter go farther from my arms, challenging both of us to trust our connection, even without physical closeness. Trying to believe that these tests will make us stronger! My daughter, who is now almost 3, started … Continue reading