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Summer Exhale

Summer Exhale

It’s August! We have hit our stride, riding the summer rhythm. We’re relaxing into our predictable days and weeks, enjoying each other. The two kids play together so much, so cute!! No interruptions to our flow: no commute to school, no rush to be on time, no tears from making up after the separation. The jealousy of little … Continue reading


Winter Rhythms

Winter Rhythms

Winter. Here on the Mediterranean central California coast, this means not ice and snow but dark and damp. Waiting for Rain. Days and days of rain, gray skies, shiny sidewalk puddles, misty cloud forests, peeping frog voices, Rain. We had a good few weeks but we are waiting for more. Meanwhile, the days are short … Continue reading

Summer of Calm Week 4: Sucesso

Breathe. Phew. Here on week four I think we’ve hit our stride. I feel alive and awake to the moment. Finally. It started out extra stormy. My daughter woke up covered in hives in the night and no one slept well for a couple of nights. By Tuesday morning I was groggy and grumpy. When … Continue reading

Summer of Calm: Week 3

I’m on week three of all-day-every-day just me and the kids. My strategy is to keep our days simple and rhythmic, to stay home more and do less. I admit, my stated goal of “tantrum free” was partially to get your attention, oh reader. But did I really think that simplifying life would be a … Continue reading

Tantrum-Free Summer: Week 1 Bread Day

As I mentioned before, during the school year my daughter had many intense tantrums. I wondered why . . . New baby? Postpartum cranky mom? Just normal for her age? But a new answer is coming clear that trumps all the rest. Overstimulation. The social setting can easily overstimulate my daughter to the point of distress, … Continue reading