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Spring Shows Up

Spring Shows Up

Spring is here. I am happy and proud about my tiny garden, I think for the first time ever, even though my profession and passion in life pre-kids was gardening. (Before I launch into my ramblings, if you are a beginner family-home gardener, HERE are some resources for you!) Like every aspect of this mothering gig, … Continue reading

Family Gardening Resources

While I’m feeling energetic instead of overwhelmed in the garden (for the first time in years) I thought I’d share some resources. If you are a beginning gardener it is a great great project to learn together with your children! Don’t be shy, just jump right in there! But do start small and keep it … Continue reading

Wonder in the Ordinary

I feel most present and connected, most myself, when I am close to nature. Letting go of technology and other distractions. At peace with my thoughts, feelings, and loved ones. Nature isn’t just a place “out there” in the far, breathtaking wilderness. Nature is in the places we touch the earth and relate to her … Continue reading