Wonder in the Ordinary

I feel most present and connected, most myself, when I am close to nature. Letting go of technology and other distractions. At peace with my thoughts, feelings, and loved ones.

Nature isn’t just a place “out there” in the far, breathtaking wilderness. Nature is in the places we touch the earth and relate to her in an interactive way, a give and take. Not only admiring her beauty with our eyes. Tasting, touching, listening, cultivating, wrapping ourselves in her arms.

Nature, la Pachamama, is in our gardens and our kitchens. She helps us mamas to nourish our families to thrive. Gardening is the ultimate humbling place where she is our teacher and master, not the other way around.

I find something sacred and meaningful, the wonder in the ordinary, in sharing this connection with my children in our daily lives. Our garden is tiny, just enough room for a picnic blanket. This summer we harvested a few small things, peas, herbs, and flowers, and received an abundance of produce in our superb local CSA box, which we used to cook, bake, and preserve.

It has been a revelation to taste more homemade foods . . . Pickles, jams, tomato sauce, muffins, almond milk, kombucha, bread still hot from the oven. These simple things are so delicious and satisfying they take our meals and snacks to another level. As parents, the simple pleasures are all we’ve got so this is huge for me!

Here are some images from our summer of connecting with nature and her bounty right in our small, urban home.









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