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The Spirit of Second Grade

The Spirit of Second Grade

I haven’t posted in almost a year — homeschool life is so full, and I feel connected in so many other ways, less in need of the online world. We started second grade material this January. And I can’t believe it! It just feels so right. Like it was meant to come to us right … Continue reading


Read Up on Waldorf for Free

It’s school tour season again, and I love sharing about the Waldorf-style school my daughter attends. It’s not a fit for everyone, but if it is, Waldorf education can be transformative for the entire family. I have my elevator pitch about why it works for us, but people I talk to have lots more questions, … Continue reading

Autumn Settling

Autumn Settling

Those last summer days were heaven . . . I felt totally in the flow with my two children, so present and alive in the moment, at the beach humming with the warmth of the sand and sky, the calm and rhythmic waves rolling. We were so in sync, our days just rolled by with … Continue reading

Riding the Seasonal Rhythms

All through the school year I’ve been feeling conflicted. The days when I am home with both children all day, I determine our daily rhythms. Together we cycle up and down, from bursts of focused activity to a return to mellow solo imaginative play. In breath, out breath. I am in the background all day … Continue reading

Feeling Close, Being Present, Playing

Today was our first day “back to school” with our parent-child class, SF Waldorf School’s Exploring Nature class. I was reminded what a refuge this experience was in my postpartum days. I felt calm and especially close to my daughter after each class. And I found such loving support from the teachers and families I … Continue reading