Building Support around You: Parent-Child Classes

New parents can feel so isolated — even the most well-meaning people around us can be ignorant about our experiences and our needs. We can feel invisible or even devalued. I’ve written about facing the outside world as a new mom. How can we find a safe place, where we feel understood, and where we are not questioned, or challenged, or criticized? Yes, one is with a wonderful postpartum doula!

Another, so important, is with other moms and dads experiencing the same thing. Often the discussion with parents revolves around the baby trifecta (eating, sleeping, pooping), but many parents crave talking about their own feelings and will dive in with just a little prompting. In parent-child classes, especially ongoing ones where you see the same families week after week, I’ve found real fellowship and support. Some groups you join while you’re on maternity/paternity leave, and others are great if you are a stay-at-home parent, work part-time, or have a flexible work schedule. Many happen on the weekends, too!

My favorite SF-based classes

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Around the Bay Area

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