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Regeneration in the Wild West

Regeneration in the Wild West

Mi hijo, the little Chigüiro, ambles through an urban prairie meadow, the grasses tickling his elbows. It’s green: finally, what a relief! After six years of drought, the rains have returned to California, and with them the magic of wildflowers. I feel like I can breathe again. We peek among the grasses to find the … Continue reading

Jungle Magic — La Magia de la Selva

Jungle Magic — La Magia de la Selva

Once upon a time . . . I was 22 and looking for adventure. As a girl I had always dreamed of the Amazon rain forest. After college, I found an American agricultural economist working in the Peruvian Amazon who was willing to take me on as an intern; all I had to do was get … Continue reading

Tantrum-Free Summer: Week 1 Bread Day

As I mentioned before, during the school year my daughter had many intense tantrums. I wondered why . . . New baby? Postpartum cranky mom? Just normal for her age? But a new answer is coming clear that trumps all the rest. Overstimulation. The social setting can easily overstimulate my daughter to the point of distress, … Continue reading

How I Prepared for Birth and Postpartum

As I mentioned in his birth story, I prepared in a myriad of ways during the months before my son’s birth. This preparation and the week-long build-up helped me cope with his super-fast birth! Having learned from my daughter’s birth, I most wanted to change two things this time: to have a birth team that was empowering rather … Continue reading

Why Stop Working before the Birth?

I haven’t found time to write since the birth of my new baby boy, 8 weeks ago. I hope to, soon! But I did manage to respond to this email from my sister, due to birth her first baby in the coming weeks. Our sisterly correspondence will have to suffice for now! From my sister, … Continue reading

Keeping it Real in Birth

Being cared for by a homebirth midwife has been a revelation. Here at 38 weeks pregnant I don’t have a lot of energy or focus to describe my experiences, but I want to mention a few ways this care has changed everything and to link to two articles for more information. First, after my tough … Continue reading

On Going Back to Work

Going back to work is probably the ONLY postpartum issue that is actually on our society’s radar. There have been swells of debate recently about working moms, from Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Atlantic cover story to discussions of new Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer’s appointment while pregnant. Everyone has opinions . . . that we need more high-power … Continue reading

Positive Imagery

Every day we get messages reinforcing our culture’s myths and misconceptions about birth and parenting, but some days the good stuff shines through! Today two things made me smile, even tear up a little. I saw imagery in the culture that reflected my own feelings back to me. OK, these are both from alternative sources, … Continue reading

Letting Go of Advice

The barrage of advice is constant when you are a parent, especially a new one. Why does everyone feel equipped to comment on other people’s parenting, whether they have experience or not? So often well-meaning people seem to repeat what they’ve heard — echoing common tips without knowing the reasons behind them and without realizing … Continue reading

Building Support around You: Parent-Child Classes

New parents can feel so isolated — even the most well-meaning people around us can be ignorant about our experiences and our needs. We can feel invisible or even devalued. I’ve written about facing the outside world as a new mom. How can we find a safe place, where we feel understood, and where we are … Continue reading