Points of View

Still working on my photo class here. This week, my four-year-old daughter tried her hand. She grabbed the camera and in under five minutes had completed all the assignments so far, without even knowing it. Here are some of her shots using the Rule of Thirds, some color studies, and one showing her own point of view. Which shows itself a bit too often these days . . .




And, more conventionally, here are some of my own. Showing off our various Waldorf homeschool-y type of activities . . . painting, bread-making, playing in the garden and nature. Yes, it is beach weather here in SF. The hot weather has arrived, right on schedule.

Oh, and that last pic, with the sofa cushions in the foreground, that is me hiding because I am not allowed to watch the living room dancing. Hee hee. Ja Ja.IMG_6722 IMG_6727IMG_6714 IMG_6689 IMG_6711 IMG_6591 IMG_6545IMG_6504 IMG_6532 IMG_6434_2


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