Elder Medicine – Medicina de las Abuelas

Today the lovely and talented Bernal mama Samantha Garcia led a group of us in a ritual, creating healing medicine for ourselves and our children, guided by the Black Elder tree.

I will leave the moment mostly in the realm of spirit and images. Here are some images of making the medicine from elderberries, cinnamon, astragalus, and ginger.

IMG_8278IMG_8292 IMG_8304IMG_8301IMG_8289IMG_8290IMG_8311

During the process, a few visions felt strong to me.

One, elder is another tree that can bring us closer to our grandmother-ancestors, our abuelas. The spirit and lore in the tree’s history considers elder to hold a mother spirit, often the wise older crone mother. Enriched by life experience, and closer to death and the spirit world. Also with a darker side: the challenges and fears in mothering, maybe. Lately I have been missing my grandmother, in a sad and empty way. Today I felt full and at peace, strongly in her presence.

Two, inside the pot is the nourishment and mothering we need. I felt a longing to ask my grandmother questions — am I doing a good job? How can I be better? Stronger? But as I felt the warmth stirring in that powerful orange pot, I received actual comfort and strength. No need for words or answers, just the company of so many mothers over so many generations stirring pots in their kitchens, tending the healing brew for their loved ones. Integrating ancient wisdom and spiritual purpose with our daily work.

And that’s a quote from the Flower Essences that I chose (or that chose me) today.


One more thing . . . My daughter and I came up with a little ritual as part of our afternoon tea. We light a candle and say this little rhyme as we sip our medicine.

Vigilando está
Regala medicina
De sus flores y fruta.
En la olla
Mezcla mezcla
Y sale
Calor, sabor, amor.


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