More Farolitos y Difuntos

Epilogue: Photos of the Lantern Walk with Days of the Dead I wrote about, anticipating them, last week. They were lovely.

We made colada morada and guaguas de pan, traditional foods for celebrating Dia de los Difuntos in Ecuador. The harina de maiz morada (purple corn flour) is the purple, along with mortiños and moras (arctic blueberries similar to huckleberries, and blackberries). Interesting that the purple ingredients start with the same sound as los muertos (or morir, the verb). I read that in pre-colombian times the original ingredient was llama’s blood instead of the fruits.

IMG_7694_2IMG_7699_2IMG_7765 IMG_7773IMG_7778 IMG_7781

And here is Lantern Walk, arriving just before sunset and then walking, singing, lighting the way in the night as one.

IMG_4701 IMG_7801IMG_7809 IMG_4720


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