Songs for Winter: Rainy Forests and Fiestas!

img_6394The nights are longer, the days are darker, and we love to wander through the dim and mysterious redwood forests at this time of year. We wait with excitement for the glimmer of light, growing to a flame, that comes with festivals, lighting candles, and gradually, the return of the sun!

Here are some winter songs and rhymes in Spanish that I am singing with the children, lots of rain and a little snow. Download: cyc-cancionero-invierno

Chanukah starts on Christmas Eve this year — which will be one of the darkest nights. Chanukah begins with a new moon, a dark and cold night, and asks us to stay hopeful against seemingly great odds, as we light each little candle, more and more each day, gathering strength.

A favorite song for dancing:

¡Les deseo unas muy Felices Fiestas!


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