El otoño llegó . . . Busy songs for Fall!

Feliz Otoño — Happy Autumn!

Uhuu . . . el otoño llegó . . .
Castañas y bellotas
Muchas otras cosas
Que cogen los niños
Con mucho cariño.
Uhuu . . . el otoño llegó . . .

img_0951Autumn brings the last of the harvest, many fruits like manzanas, uvas, granadas, and even giant calabazas! Las ardillas and other animals in the forest are busy gathering food for the winter: nueces, bayas, y bellotas. 

Here on the California coast we wait hopefully for the first of the winter rains, when the hombrecillo de otoño will awaken all the seeds hiding among the prairie grasses and on the forest floor; they have slept all through the long, dry summer. Now they can stretch their tiny legs deep into the soil and start their slow, steady growth through the wet and chilly winter.

Children, zapateros, and gnomes start their Autumn work—hammering, fixing, building, gathering, making.

Here are the lyrics to some of my favorite songs and rhymes for otoño.


¡Que lo pasen cantando!


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