Jungle Magic in Pictures

I recently wrote this reflection on my adventures in the Peruvian Amazon, and my reconnection with special friends from those days. Here are some vintage photos from the jungle archives, taken by Jose Choy-Sanchez, Rio Ucayali, 1999-2000! And Jose sends this, too, a little jungle background music to set the tone.

The research team enjoying breakfast Amazon-style (bet you can spot the gringa):


Luxurious accommodations, or life in tents, with Karla and Carolina:12794663_10153981665344704_2435226913309017278_o

Bathing where we can — Jose says this river is no longer clean enough to swim in:12773227_10153981798564704_1643307777_oThe local supermarket in the indigenous village of Santa Rosa:12790151_10153981805894704_656105597_o

Admiring the local catch from the river:12789912_10153981781454704_1740885858_o

Administering a survey in a local household:
12525561_10153981729949704_8920611847273647907_oAdmiring the local intestinal fauna (parasites) up close:

River transport, taking plátanos to market:12788626_10153981796119704_1210689061_o

Children grinding corn:

Local housing, ready for rainy season flooding:12787230_10153981789509704_1095328686_o12773343_10153981777529704_967801875_o

Forest after burning:12787116_10153981775534704_1476911331_o

Local hunter with a tigrillo (ocelot) pelt in the village of Naranjal:12787098_10153981793429704_800750556_o

Fiesta in the Shipibo-Conibo village of Puerto Belen: 12773031_10153981789449704_321001486_o

After cutting an old grandmother tree:12318316_10153981802374704_1798168157_o


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