This Endless Cough: Home Remedies

Where we live, this brutal cough is going around that lasts for three weeks or more. We know mostly toddlers who have it, and they seem cheerful enough between coughs, at least during the day. But for us preggo mamas suffering with it, the coughing fits really shake you up! It is not fun. And the nights can get long and lonely, whether you are awake comforting your baby or taking care of yourself. For me, after so many months being under the weather from the preggo nausea, being stuck indoors on our own day after day AGAIN is pretty tough.

With these colds and coughs, our pediatrician says there’s not much to do but wait it out. That said, here is a guide from our pediatrician, Getzwell Pediatrics, to managing colds and viral infections with no medication (which is not recommended for young children anyway).

Our cousin Grace from Ecuador sent along these remedios caseros (home remedies) to help calm the symptoms. I know, when your mom makes you take crazy mixtures while all the other kids just take normal drugs, you can feel like a weirdo! But now on the other side of it, it’s such a relief to give the kid natural remedies she’s willing to drink that are not full of chemicals and corn syrup and other crap. Note: I have not tried or tested these in any way. I’m just passing on ideas. Give them a try!

From prima Grace:

The fastest and most effective: warm up freshly made orange juice with two tablespoons of honey. Pepa should drink as much as warm as she can handle it. It is specially effective early in the morning and night.

The second recipe is also fast and effective: put to boil (at least for five minutes) milk with black raisins. The same, make her drink this as warm as she can handle.

The third recipe is also very good and can help heal a most severe condition. It is called radish syrup and you have to do it at night. You slice five or six radishes, squeeze one full lemon over them and then put two tablespoons of honey on top of them. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave it in your window (better if you can open the window to get some fresh air). You can give one tablespoon of syrup that results in the morning, three times a day or until her condition improves.

I hope you find these recipes interesting. I can tell you that I have healed my boys for 14 years with these simple recipes very fast without having to resort to antibiotics or regular OTC drugs.

Finally, my acupuncturist suggests steamed pears with honey for chest congestion.

Maybe the most effective remedy of all is the effort of love and nurturing that goes into preparing these, whether you are caring for your family or yourself.

Good Luck and I hope everyone out there is feeling better soon! Stay cozy, whether it’s raining or snowing outside, and I hope the holiday lights and tonight’s full moon will keep the darkness away in your household.

P.S. Pregnant mamas, if you are having trouble sleeping at night try my favorite remedy, Sleepy Nights from WishGarden Herbs. Check out their whole line!


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