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Love for Mother Nature in SF

Love for Mother Nature in SF

Right now so many people are leaving San Francisco in search of the “Real Summer.” For the day or a week, people want sun, heat, water play that doesn’t give you frostbite, beaches where you won’t need wooly hats. Ok, I get it. But it’s not for me. This summer I am embracing San Francisco, … Continue reading

Tantrum-Free Summer: Week 1 Bread Day

As I mentioned before, during the school year my daughter had many intense tantrums. I wondered why . . . New baby? Postpartum cranky mom? Just normal for her age? But a new answer is coming clear that trumps all the rest. Overstimulation. The social setting can easily overstimulate my daughter to the point of distress, … Continue reading

Riding the Seasonal Rhythms

All through the school year I’ve been feeling conflicted. The days when I am home with both children all day, I determine our daily rhythms. Together we cycle up and down, from bursts of focused activity to a return to mellow solo imaginative play. In breath, out breath. I am in the background all day … Continue reading